Web service for SPHN-compliant RDF Schemas

The SPHN Schema Forge simplifies the process of generating a SPHN-compliant RDF schema, human-readable HTML representation of the RDF schema as well as SHACL shapes and SPARQL queries for data quality checks. It allows researchers to easily create those resources by only uploading a SPHN-compliant dataset in Excel format (template and user guide ). In case of unexpected errors don't hesitate to contact us via our Git Issues.

Please upload a SPHN-compliant dataset (.xlsx):
*Disclaimer: This tool is compatible from the 2024 version of the SPHN Dataset Template.
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The SPHN Schema Forge uses and provides content from SNOMED CT (https://www.snomed.org). In order to use the tool, please first register with eHealth Suisse for an affiliate license for SNOMED CT (free of charge) https://mlds.ihtsdotools.org/. For questions, please inquire at snomed@e-health-suisse.ch.